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How Watch Whidbey Island Washington


For Your Luxury Home on Whidbey Island

Home Watch & Maintenance Service Plans Start at Just $125/month...

HOME Support & Management Services


HOME WATCH - Regular Check with a Professional Report.

We provide a weekly home watch service which is a visual inspection of your home looking for obvious issues.  This is a service to owners of vacation properties on Whidbey as well as properties occupied on a part time basis. 

Home Watch Whidbey provides a walkthrough of unoccupied properties on Whidbey Island specifically related to security and a list of items that have the potential of causing unnecessary expenses or significant damages.  A detailed .pdf report is provided via email and stored securely on our client portal after each home watch visit.

The home watch visit is focused on security, functionality, energy reduction, and risk mitigation.  This service is a strategy or tool to reduce the risks of crime, maintenance issues, and disasters.  Our home watch service is often a requirement of an insurance carrier to maintain disaster coverage if the property is vacant.

HOME MAINTENANCE - Turn-key Home Management

Home Watch Whidbey also offers a customizable preventative maintenance service program to our growing client list.  We offer an initial consultation and then customize a preventative maintenance program for your specific home.  Once set up, our homeowners gain peace of mind and eliminate the worry and hassle of remembering and managing contractors to complete annual roof cleanings, dryer vent cleaning, window washing, carpet cleaning, smoke alarm battery replacement, and the countless other mundane maintenance tasks required to keep a home in good working order.  Some of our clients like to handle these maintenance tasks but most trust us to implement their customized maintenance program for their home.


HOME CONCIERGE - We Meet Your Unique Needs

We assist our clients with custom request such as running errands, pet sitting, project consulting, bill paying, planning events, coordinating travel, arranging entertainment, personal shopping, shuttle services, automobile maintenance, moving management, and home organization. If you have a need, even if outside the box, let us know and we will be happy to try and accommodate your request.  As with many of our other services, we live and work in Island County so we know a lot of people and businesses.  We can typically find what you need through our well established network.

HOME EMERGENCY - Life Happens Inconveniently

Home Watch Whidbey can be your representative on the ground if an emergency situation should arise.  We are available by phone, email and text, can go to your property, locate and manage the appropriate vendor needed to deal with the situation.  Our network, experience of managing properties in Island County and local presence give us the leverage and expertise to assist in these unfortunate emergency situations.  From plumbing and septic emergencies to windstorms, power outages, flooding or fires, Home Watch Whidbey has you covered if an emergency should arise.



We offer a wide variety and levels of service from Home Watch, Home Inventory, Home Maintenance, Home Emergency and Home Concierge services.  Many of these services are customizable and offered a-la-carte but to keep costs down and to keep our services bundled into a simple and easy to understand service package, we offer three Home Support Service Plans.  If you have a need a custom level of service outside one of these plans, please do not hesitate to ask.

BASIC Home Support

  • Home Checks on demand

  • Home Emergency Service

  • Access to Local Vendor Network

  • Pricing starts @ $199/month*

PREMIUM Home Support

  • WEEKLY Home Watch Visit/Report

  • On Demand Home Maintenance Management

  • Home Emergency Service Hotline

  • Home Concierge Service

  • Access to Local Vendor Network

  • Pricing starts @ $299/month*

CUSTOM Home Support

  • WEEKLY Home Watch Visit/Report

  • Preventative Home Maintenance Plan Set Up

  • Turnkey Home Maintenance Management

  • Home Emergency Service Hotline

  • Home Concierge Service

  • Access to Local Vendor Network

  • Pricing starts @ $399/month*

Home: Services



We can manage all your routine home maintenance, special maintenance projects and beyond so you don't have to.  It is time consuming collecting bids, meeting and coordinating vendors, following up on the quality of the job and even just paying all the bills   We are your one point of contact to arrange the best local services providers as it related to maintaining your beautiful Whidbey Island home.  Ask us about our routine maintenance plans and literally put all your home maintenance tasks on auto-pilot and your mind at ease.


To insure your roof lasts, regular roof and gutter cleaning and maintenance is vital. A few hundred dollars annually is cheap insurance against a roof that typically costs tens of thousands of dollars to replace. Like many of our recommended home maintenance services, you can order this as needed but we always recommend getting your roof & gutter maintenance on a regular schedule to make sure the works gets done.  Ask us about our service plans today.


House keeping is a vital part of care for and being comfortable in your vacation home.  We have you covered as we work with many house cleaners to make sure your home sparkles weather it is weekly, monthly or after each time you use your cabin.  We can coordinate, schedule and manage all your house cleaning needs.


From spring cleaning to regular monthly clean up and gardening to storm cleanup, lawn mowing and beyond.  Home Watch Whidbey has all your landscaping and yard maintenance needs covered.  We work with a wide variety of vendors to ensure you get the best quality service Whidbey Island has to offer.


Quarterly or bi-annual window washing is recommended to keeping your windows in good shape and your views clear as day.  You can order as needed or we can put you on a regular schedule as part of an annual maintenance service plan.


We have a stable of handymen ready to help tackle all the small fixes around your home.  We will manage these vendors on your behalf to make sure the job gets done correctly and at a reasonable rate.  Many repairs and projects can be completed economically by our handyman network rather than a licensed general contractor.


We work with many local plumbers big and small.  From repairs to new installs to remodels, we have you covered on any project related to plumbing.


When there is something going on electrically in your home, you don't want to mess around.  We work with all the best local electricians to make sure the job gets done correctly and legally.  From small fixes to replacing light fixtures to remodels and new electrical services, we can manage this service for you as well.


From annual inspections to pumping and repairs, we have you covered.  We have great relationships will all the local septic service companies and can take care of everything related to keeping your septic system in tip top shape.


The above services are just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.  Thru our vendor network, on-call handymen, and cleaners, there are very few requests we can not handle.


Helpful Information about Home Watch Whidbey


We offer several different levels and frequencies of our home watch service.  At the simplest level, we visit your home at a regularly scheduled time of the week or month, visually inspect your home, and then provide you with an electronic report within 24 hours.  If there is ever an emergency or issue needing immediate attention (like a water leak, theft, broken window, ect.) we contact you immediately.  We also offer preventative and routine maintenance service management and custom concierge services available to all our annual service plan clients.  Continue here for more details and/or to engage in a brief conversation via phone, text, email, Zoom, or at your home.


A professional Home Watch service is much more than an informal drive-by or walk-through.  The service is designed to be proactive and protect your home by reducing the risks of crime and disasters.  Think about all the conditions your security system will not detect.  Did you receive important mail or a package while you were away?  You will obtain recommendations to help reduce your energy cost and the risk of crime.  Your home equipment will be shut down or set back properly for each season.  You will receive a report quickly detailing any abnormal situations.  You will have a report including the date and time of the visit. This may be required by your homeowner's insurance carrier.  You will know a reliable person who can go to your property on demand if necessary.  Finally, you should not worry about your Whidbey home or cabin when you are away.


We offer three service levels; Silver (once per month), Gold (bi-monthly) and Platinum (weekly).  Pricing starts at about $200/month for our Silver service.  See all our pricing by engaging in a brief conversation here.  We offer additional services on top of our Home Watch service including Home Inventory, Home Maintenance, Home Emergency and Home Concierge.


We are not contractors.  We are property owners and vacation property managers who have a great network and years of experience working with local vendors maintaining, remodeling, caring for and operating beautiful homes.  We are great at property management, project management, communication and making sure our client's homes are in tip top shape year round.  Our homeowner clients simply show up and enjoy their homes rather than waste time and peace of mind worrying about their homes.


We currently service South Whidbey including Clinton, Freeland and Langley.  We will be expanding north soon so please reach out to us even if your home is located in Greenbank, Coupeville or Oak Harbor.  Service days depend on our route openings and availability.  The highest concentrations of our clients homes are Shore Avenue, Sunlight Beach, Mutiny Bay, Cultus Bay and Holmes Harbor.


Yes but again we are not a contractor.  Rather we act as your representative coordinating maintenance services for your home.  Think of us as part-time property estate managers for your home.  We know how to leverage all the local, professional service providers to address home maintenance issues so you don't have to.  From procurement to managing the vendor relationship, to scheduling, coordinating, meeting at the property when applicable, and even processing invoices and other related administrative tasks when coordinating home maintenance.

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